While EMCo caters to clients from various industries, we provide specialized experience in two focus areas: Oil and Gas Production and Transmission and Electric Power Generation.

Oil and Gas Production and Transmission

EMCo specializes in oil field engine and turbine compliance testing. Our fully self-contained testing vehicle is capable of rapid mobilization - usually within 24 hours’ notice - and has the ability to begin reference method testing within minutes of arriving on-site, eliminating costly setup time. We understand how important it is for our clients to minimize the number of field hours involved with testing; paying overtime to field personnel and adjusting unit loads can create significant financial and logistical inconveniences. Considering this, we have developed our test vehicle with efficiency and mobility in mind. We have the ability to efficiently test multiple units in a single day. EMCo will cater to any client needs, whether it is on-site formaldehyde analysis or providing a man-lift for stack access. EMCo also offers (and recommends) pre-test site visits to inspect testing locations and assist in avoiding costly downtime for stack modifications. Our testing capabilities include tailored testing programs for the following federal regulations:

  • NSPS Subpart JJJJ – Stationary Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engines
  • NSPS Subparts GG and KKKK – Stationary Combustion Turbines
  • MACT Subpart ZZZZ – HAPs from Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines

Other industry services include:

  • Fuel gas sulfur content analysis
  • Turbine mapping and diagnostic testing
Power Generation

EMCo takes a service-minded approach to our industrial clients. Understanding load demands and the need for a flexible testing company, we offer efficient testing services for reduced load conditions and multiple load testing. All project managers at EMCo have at least 8 years of experience working with power generation clients. Our state-of-the-art testing trailer offers a temperature- controlled environment for our gas analyzers and acts as a mobile laboratory for performing on-site PM and Hg analysis. EMCo realizes the importance of data accuracy and repeatability. All projects are conducted by highly experienced and qualified testers. We are always willing to take the extra time to provide accurate on-site numbers, so any potential data issues can be identified and corrected before we leave your site. All testing reports are produced by a former Colorado Air Division CEMS Coordinator. Our testing capabilities include the following:

  • Particulate matter testing
  • Straight extractive and dilution system testing
  • Exhaust flow measurements via Methods 2, 2F and 2G
  • 40 CFR Part 60 and 75 RATAs
  • Mercury RATAs